___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ For the G15 Multiversity: Background works Also part of the Stamash Educational CenterS, SECS The G15 Yoga6dorg is a first-hand programming language designed for its own chip but also so that a PC of the classical and always important kind with mouse and keyboard, and squarish monitor, can enable it through what we call a PVI, a Practical Virtual Implementation. The G15 concept in education takes the stance that more important than merely having 'useful' skills, and more important than merely have surface contact with entirely un-understood boxes of modern technology, an eductation should involve some degree of 'getting dirt on one's nails' with real contact with real building processes of elementary technology and other elementary things in a whole life For general info about G15 Yoga6dorg see also www.norskesites.org/fic3 In general terms, we might use the following vocabulary: Each Atomlite project constitutes also a report over successfully completed chemics laboratory work -- one of the more advanced pieces of work involves constructing a transistor which can be used eg in a radio in Elsketch (another part of the G15 Multiversity educational approach) -- in the sense of a bit of 'neopopperian research', intended to be replicated in an improvised, intuitive, playful way by anybody who likes to educate herself in this way, but with safety precautions and laws in the society followed diligently in all cases. For general info about copyright confer the spirit of honoring acknowledgements as found in our www.yoga4d.org/cfdl.txt. As for acquiring standard chemics components try a variety of relevant words at www.yoga6d.org/look.htm or any of the other equivalent mounting-points for the search engine we've made in G15 Yoga6dorg of a mind-stimulating (not extremely over-helpful, but honest and wise) search engine. ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Atomlite: Getting to grips with atoms, educationally THE ATOMLITE STUDIO INTRODUCTION TO ATOMLITE: FUN AND PURPOSE, POWER AND DANGER, SEEING THE ATOMLITE STUDIO AS AN INTERSTELLAR LAB WHERE DIFFERENT RULES APPLY, FOR A LITTLE WHILE With Elsketch, you can make your own radio, your own radio transmitter, and you can begin to build exactly such components or modules or what we call it that a whole big personal computer is built of -- it requires thousands or even hundreds of thousands of such things, but the principle is the same. And when you work with these delicious little electronical things, you learn that they are not merely little machines. They are pieces of nature that sometimes respond to you a bit organically, like organisms, or with the sensitivity that we associate with organismic life. And so you get a first-hand contact with this fact -- that quantum theory is not merely a theory, it is the living sensitive reality underlaying also all machines. You might almost say that a machine is built upon the principles of concealing quantum theory from it. (Remember when we say 'quantum theory' here, we refer to something very precise, namely 'the quantum-type of experimental data when summarised in our own theory-horizon, the supermodel theory; but we also have a more popularised easy-going form of the S.M. theory when we speak of 'q-fields'.) So that's Elsketch. Now matter and energy is a lot lot more than Elsketch. You drop salt into water and it seems to vanish but water tastes salt; you cool damp from cooked salt water and it turns out the salt is out of it again. It's apparently simple, its vastly useful -- you can, given ocanic amounts of electricity, convert the salt ocean to drinking water -- but what's really going on? And how is the shape that salt sometimes crystallises into arising? Add the quality of living micro-organisms and plants and so on, and we can appreciate that subtle activities go on when soil and water and sunlight and air is enough for sugar canes to grew their sugar-rich juicy components; add water and the micro-organisms called 'yeast' to sugar and add time, and you get a mess including alcohol; cook it and cool its damp and you get drinkable alcohol, but also the alcohol that can power engines, engines that in turn can make electricity -- so, in effect, ultimately converting such as the sun power given to the sugar cane to electricity. So what is going on here? Again, we have to do with atoms, again we're going beyond such realms as Elsketch may touch. Indeed, Elsketch may rely on batteries -- so how do we make a lead-acid battery? How do we make its acid? And when we have a car -- by mechanics and electronics that in some sense, like robots, are extensions of the Elsketch programme, how does oil and wax and so on interact to prevent water from interacting with steel, and thus preventing rust? And how are some rust-like forms of iron relevant for making magnetic ferrite materials, core of much of Elsketch? All these questions and many like these concerns what we call ATOMLITE, a light (lite) and first-hand connectedness to the matter and energy processes of the manifest universe beyond the realm of Elsketch. This is not merely what 20th century jargon spoke of as 'inorganic chemistry' and more, also, than what the same century spoke of as 'organic chemistry', for it touches on physics, also quantum physics -- supermodel theory, as we understand it -- and on living organisms in full, and their amazing capacity to act as very sensitive small machines doing atomlite-relevant work for us, growing food, fuel and much else. When something has a sense of purpose to it, it may be more fun to learn about it. When you learn about how something which is one of the many keys to civilisation also in its luxurious sense -- such as a scented soap or lotion -- can be made (at least in part) by simple components and simple experiments in your Atomlite Studio you also tune into the sense of purpose that these things have in society, and that purpose lends a quality to the learning, lends an energy to the learning, -- it may infuse it with greater fun. And when something is fun, it may also have a fullness of purpose to it, somehow. So it goes both ways, purpose can give energy to the experience of fun, and fun can be an indication of purpose. Atomlite is tougher to define than Elsketch unless we do it in this way: it is everything practical about matter-forms that is NOT covered by Elsketch, even in an expanded, wide, deep sense of Elsketch. It may be noted though that whereas we can get going with Elsketch using only moderate temperatures -- those associated with a tinner -- bringing together tiny wires and these small little items such as transistors where we make our own gadgets -- Atomlite, not always but in general, does require temperatures with a bit more tooth in them. We should go nearer the melting-point of steel, or at least copper. Steel, tin and copper are the holy trinity of all practical metal-related work. We melt tin and work with copper and steel when we do Elsketch. In order to cool enough droplets of damp to ascertain that the damp is drinkable water even when what is cooked is too strongly salted, we should be able to put together not just tiny wires but whole plates of something like steel, so that we can lead the damp of cooking water in a robust manner while also making it cool. Practically, then, we must have something that can do a tougher job than an electronics tinner. We must have more equipment for Atomlite. Still, our emphasis is that once we've got that equipment going, -- which includes, but is not limited to what we here call a METAL-SHAPER -- then, in our lab or Atomlite Studio, we'll see a whole world of exploration open to us. The challenge, in an educational context, is just what to select of the world of possibilities. An extra word of caution: Just as Elsketch has in it capacities which may distort society a little or much if these things got out of hand, Atomlite also has in its such things -- but to an even greater extent, clearly. The approach we take it with our G15 Multiversity, and with our Stamash Educational CenterS, or SECS -- fits with the approach of Stamash dance and martial arts in general -- namely that we don't ethically approve of the notion of a society full of weapons distributed evenly or unevenly amongst its citizens. Weapons are tokens of unfair play. One must admit that those who act in the role of protectors of society in public roles may have to call on more along the lines of weapons than civilians, but let's draw the line there. Those who go into an Atomlite Studio go into a zone where things can be made which must not, under any circumstances, be 'let loose' in society. The educational value can be great, the fun can be great, when one has a sense of the awe of the power associated with this, but one must also know the ethics of powers, and stick to the notion that the society we want to evolve must have a fair play. It's fair play that girls know how to defend themselves by the beauty- and fitness program called Stamash, but we don't want to give even one whit of credibility to the notion that productions of weapons involve fair play. Good luck and good living and good synchronicities come to those who oriented towards themselves towards a compassionate passifism -- passive as regards to the gathering of weapons -- but passionately active in all good sense, also in a sexually anarchic sense (that which we call 'compassionate anarchy'). If you want to upset society, upset it by training so well and dressing so well that you become a bomb of good- lookingness, but don't go for chemical bombs. If you want to kill the bourgouise ruling dynasty in society, kill it by performing such beautiful acts of legal but public sex that the bourgouise ruling dynasty falls apart by the shock of sensuality and art -- kill mediocrity and hypocricy by art, by your naked body -- but do not, please, be inspired by Atomlite to look for means of physical killing. The whole impulse of the G15 Multiversity is to orient all living by means of a sense of esthetics, also porn-inspired eshetics, equipped with a drastic first-hand contact with the q-fields of reality, knowing therefore also how intuition works much more than those who merely use digital tools without education of what lies under these -- and it's a necessity that we then do experiments and get knowledge which have potential in them for the making of weaponry. As teacher, and as pupil and student, consider the Atomlite Studio a journey into interstellar space -- as a metaphor -- where other rules apply than within the solar system. Enjoy the journey, then get back into reality -- leaving it all behind, each time, honoring passifism and martial arts and the compassionate anarchy we all want in any enlightened society. It follows, as you perhaps know, from certain reasonings derived from supermodel theory when expanded into q-field thinking, that life can only exist within the coherence associated with a solar system. Interstellar space is forever a place where no living human beings can survive, with or without advanced spacecrafts. That doesn't preclude us from engaging in entertaining visualisations of these areas, the myriad of stars there. The Atomlite Studio, then, is a place where different rules apply, where you touch something real -- but somehow outside of this world. 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