PMN -- The Primary Multiverse Noetics,
first-hand programming language written
in G15 Yoga6dorg for the speediest
slim elegance in making stack-flowing
applications {a kind of script language}

A G15 Intraplates Multiversity subsite

THE ELECTRONICS PROJECTS {AND SUCH} DOCUMENTED BENEATH CAN BE CARRIED OUT ENTIRELY WITHOUT RELIANCE ON ANY COMPUTER OF ANY SORT. WE ONLY INCLUDE HERE PROJECTS THAT ACTUALLY HAVE BEEN CARRIED THROUGH IN GREAT DETAIL BY OURSELVES, AND WITH ADEQUATE EXPERIENCE IN THE TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION ALREADY SO AS TO DO IT AT LEAST FAIRLY WELL ********************$$$$$$$$$$$$>>>>> LINK TO ELSKETCH APP *** The main Elsketch emulation app {early version, being updated step by step cfr the package with its readme.txt which talks about its progress!} App number: 5558888 New to G15 programming? You may start by looking at the package with its readme.txt, which describes how to get G15 up. Within each project here listed you'll find data to feed into this program; this can emulate some features of the reality you experience when you tin it together in a physical elsketch studio, and shed light on new constructions you wish to make! SO THE PROJECTS BENEATH STAND ON THEIR OWN and the use of the PC for emulation is merely to provide a sense of educational and also practically useful extra tools, also for stimulation and fun * FIRST PROJECT AND BACKGROUND INFO FOR ALL ELSKETCH, describing the 1st radio module, using a prefabricated audio amplifer, a premade and pretested ferrite radio coil and premade and pretested variable capacitor: * PROJECT: WINDING YOUR OWN AM MW RADIO FERRITE COILS * PROJECT: MAKING YOUR OWN FIRST VARIABLE CAPACITOR FOR THE AM MW RADIO * PROJECT: MAKE A MINI MW TRANSMITTER * PROJECT: YOUR FIRST GATEWAY INTO BOOLEAN LOGIC -- SHINE IN THE SHADOWS * PROJECT: CAPACITORS DOING MUTUAL BDSM -- SWINGING A LED AT 1 HERTZ * PROJECT: AWAKING YOUR SECRETARY (OR YOUR BOSS) -- THE BUZZER PART OF THE INTERCOM * PROJECT: AUDIO MICRO-AMPLIFIER FOR RADIO, TRANSMITTER ETC ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ For the G15 Multiversity: Background works Also part of the Stamash Educational CenterS, SECS For general info about G15 Yoga6dorg see also In general terms, we might use the following vocabulary: Each Elsketch project constitutes also a report over successfully completed electronics development and implementation work, in a sense a bit of 'neopopperian research', intended to be replicated in an improvised, intuitive, playful way by anybody who likes to educate herself in this way. ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________